The Super Museum

Visitor Information

The mission of the Super Museum is to preserve and showcase an array of Superman collectables and information for the education and enjoyment of visitors and fans of the Man of Steel.

The Museum

Who We Are:

Jim Hambrick runs the Superman Museum on the town square in Metropolis, Ill. A longtime Superman enthusiast and collector, Jim has one of the greatest Superman collections in the world. Among the items are virtually every Superman toy ever produced, props from the Christopher Reeve movies and one of the only George Reeves Superman costumes still in existence.

Hours and Admission
Open 7 days a week
8am - 7pm (Summer)
9am - 5pm (Fall/Winter/Spring)
Closed Christmas day

$5.00 per person
Children 5 and under - Free
All major credit cards accepted

Super Museum
517 Market Street,
Metropolis, IL 62960
Phone: (618) 524-5518