Brick Sponsorship program

The Super Museum Ham"Brick" Project


The world-famous Super Museum officially opened in 1993 as a principal attraction for the Man of Steel's official hometown of Metropolis, Illinois. Located on Superman Square, The Super Museum features 70,000 items representing the life's work of its creator, longtime Superman enthusiast and collector Jim Hambrick,

Starting with a simple Superman lunchbox in his childhood, Hambrick has gone on to amass what is arguably the greatest collection of Superman memorabilia in the world. Since its opening the Super Museum has garnered nationwide and worldwide media attention. The Super Museum’s exhibits span Superman’s 80-year history, and are organized according to the many different media portrayals of the character throughout that time, including: comic books, newspaper strips, radio, movie serials, television, Broadway, feature films, video games, and other media formats. These exhibits are changed and updated frequently to encourage repeat visits.

Among the items showcased in the Super Museum from the iconic superhero's long history are virtually every Superman toy ever produced as well as original movie and television costumes and props, and promotional materials from all of the Superman movies and television series. The Super Museum also features one of the only George Reeves Superman costumes still in existence.

The Super Museum has received many honors over the years, including the award for “Number One Small-Town Attraction in America.” It has also been prominently featured on nationwide television on such programs as The Daily Show, Entertainment Tonight, EXTRA, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Treasures in Your Home, Kovel's on Collecting, and Unsolved Mysteries. These programs span nearly all major media outlets, including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, TNN, “E” Entertainment Television, and many overseas documentary and news programs.

Based on this record of achievement, The Super Museum has undertaken new initiatives to improve its crowd-pleasing exhibits, and make larger, more interactive displays a reality.

Key to this new initiative is The Super Museum’s brick fundraiser, which it is calling THE HAM “BRICK” PROJECT, a play on words referencing the founder of the Super Museum, Jim Hambrick.. This fundraising project’s goal is to expand The Super Museum exhibits, preserve the items within the Museum, and help beautify the Metropolis Town Square.

Based on a program of sponsored bricks (such as are seen at the base of Metropolis’ world-famous 15-foot-tall Superman statue and the Noel Neill memorial), this newest initiative will provide the worldwide community of Superman fans with an unique opportunity to express their love and support for the Superman character with an individually customized engraved brick. These commemorative “Ham” Bricks will allow individual fans, families, groups and businesses who are fans of Superman and The Super Museum an opportunity to “leave their mark” in the City of Metropolis. A lasting tribute that will allow new and repeat visitors an opportunity to visit their bricks in person for many years to come.

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 Thousands of people from all over the world visit the world-famous SUPER MUSEUM in the Man of Steel's official hometown of Metropolis, Illinois every year!

The SUPER MUSEUM features more than 70,000 items collected by its founder, Jim Hambrick!

Now here’s YOUR chance to become part of this amazing pop-culture phenomena!

THE HAM “BRICK” PROJECT (a play on words referencing Museum founder Jim Hambrick) enables you to express your appreciation for Superman with an individually customized engraved Brick! These commemorative “Ham” Bricks will be inserted into the sidewalks surrounding the SUPER MUSEUM to memorialize YOU and your fellow fans of the most famous fictional character in history!

THE HAM “BRICK” PROJECT enables individuals, families, groups, and businesses to “leave their mark” in the City of Metropolis. It’s an affordable and lasting tribute that will be seen by the thousands of fans who attend the annual Metropolis, Illinois Superman Celebration each June from all over the world!

Names, businesses, and personal sentiments can be memorialized on each engraved Brick! Or you can choose the special “Sponsor-a-Superman” program for custom Bricks engraved with celebrity names, quotes, or etched portraits of Superman or other images for the sidewalk! It’s Superman’s version of Hollywood Boulevard—but YOU are the star!

THE HAM “BRICK” PROJECT will also fund expansion and preservation of The Super Museum’s exhibits and help beautify the Metropolis Town Square!

Here’s how to order YOUR Brick and become a part of Superman History!

Brick Information


4x8 Standard Size Name Brick

  • 3 lines
  • 4 X 8 in size
  • $100.00
  •  Maximum 18 characters per line. Text centered automatically. 
  • Perfect for family names or short message.

example brick: 





  • 3 lines or logo with option for text too
  • 4X8 in size
  • $200.00
  • Maximum 18 Characters per line.  Text centered automatically.
  • perfect for small business logos or name bricks with a special touch.

example brick:

Legence Bank logo

8x8 Large Name Brick

  • 6 lines
  • 8 X 8 in size
  • $250.00
  •  Maximum 18 characters per line. Text centered automatically. 
  • Perfect for large family names, corporate message bricks or longer messages. 

example brick:







  • 6 lines
  • 4 X 8 in size
  • $350.00
  • Maximum 18 characters per line. Text centered automatically. 
  • Perfect for corporate logos, line art portrait bricks, decorative bricks or name bricks with a special touch.

example brick: 

Super Museum logo with website url and slogan.


As an add on to your brick order receive a laser etched donor certificate for just ten dollars more.

  • Each Donor Certificate is laser-printed on heavy ivory paper and is  personalized to each donor with a red brick engraved with the donor's  inscription. 
  • $10.00 with purchase of any sponsorship brick.
  •  Certificates are printed by a professional printing company for a quality finish 
  • Ships to you for you to keep.


As an add on to your brick order receive a souvenir brick for an additional fee.

You will love these souvenir bricks to decorate your homes  or offices. They are made of the same brick materials as our original  bricks. Souvenir bricks are sure to be  a cherished gift for many years to come.

Mini Souvenir Brick 

  • 1.5 x 3 in size 
  •  felt backing
  • $20.00

Square Souvenir Brick

  • 3x3  
  • with felt backing
  • $27.00

Donor Brick
An exact duplicate of the brick that you are purchasing from your organization, with the addition of felt backing.

  • 4x8 $40
  • 4x8 W/ Logo $50
  •  8x8 $80
  •  8x8 W/ Logo $100

Ships to you for you to cherish and keep.

Print your order form and mail in with check

If you would like to print your form out and mail it in or scan it, here is a pdf version.  

All logo brick designs must be submitted by email or through online order.

super museum brick order form (pdf)